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  • Maya Chehade

Sunday Drive with Ford Canada

Sunday’s are for adventures filled with a fun drive, delicious food and of course, good friends. A few weeks ago, I got to go on a Sunday drive with Ford Canada. I started off at taco fest, because who doesn’t love tacos?! This is a once in a year experience in downtown Toronto.

Half way through the drive, it hit me that I had wireless charging in the Ford Edge! WIRELESS. CHARGING. Boy did this car have some incredible technology. Have others in the car with you? It also has fast-charging USB ports. Best part about plugging your phone into the USB port is that you get Car Play!

Car Play is a life changer. I had access to my Apple Music playlist (while scrolling through on the beautiful touchscreen!), my messages were being read out loud to me (by choice), and hello, maps (much necessary).

I ended up in Oakville later on in the day to enjoy this beautiful weather on a patio. I also wanted an excuse to drive to another city while I had this amazing and powerful car. Hello, Maro’s Bistro.

Art by @wiselettering

Sunday’s are food filled days. Pair that with a road trip to a few cities, and you’ve got yourself the perfect Sunday. Thanks Ford Canada an awesome adventure!

Bonus… We also got smoothies. #LoveOfFood #SundayDrivesWithFord


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