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  • Maya Chehade

A Road Trip Across the GTA with Ford Canada

November - you were great to me. The highlight of the month had to have been my birthday weekend road trip with the incredible Ford EcoSport.

I picked up my Ford EcoSport, and to my surprise, we were both matching (my coat matched the car, meant to be much?). One of my favourite features I was excited to try out was CarPlay. CarPlay allows you to stay connected while being safe on the road with the help of Siri. Whether it’s a sent or received message, phone call or even access to Apple Music, CarPlay did it all.

I turned on my playlist, set up my maps to my destination, and off we went!

My Birthday Weekend

It all started off with a Spa date my best friend, Julie, booked us. We drove off to North York ready for a morning of relaxation. Funny story: midway through the message, I felt something extremely hot on my back and had a mini-freak out moment. A few moments later I was calmed down and told it was hot stone. Little did Julie know she booked us in for a hot stone massage. That was quite the first and a nice surprise when I knew what was actually going on.

We grabbed some lunch and headed off to the second surprise of the day - The Happy Place! My favourite room had to have been the one with the ducks surrounding the bathtub. Being the girls we are, we of course had to go all out with photoshoot. Nothing wrong with capturing memories, am I right?

The Following Morning

Following my exciting birthday day was a trip to the CN Tower for an event. Let me tell you - it feels so amazing being a tourist in your own city. The views were beautiful, I got to meet incredible people with similar passions, and of course try some new items from the 360 Restaurant. I had the Apple Cheesecake which looked like a true piece of art and tasted amazing.

And of course, because I love food so much, I decided to spend the afternoon exploring Toronto and trying new things. One of my favourite people decided to join me for the ride and we decided to make an afternoon out of it. First stop was Assembly Chef’s Hall. We got Bulldog Coffee, Chicken and Waffles from Love Chix and Sweet Toast from Nutbar, a superfood snack cafe. My sweet tooth was in heaven with the sweet toast. It had almond butter, coconut butter, banana, hemp seeds, chia seeds and raw honey. I’m craving it all over again as I type this!

The Last Day with Ford EcoSport

We did a bit of North York and Toronto exploring. It was time to change it up for the last day of exploring with the Ford EcoSport.

It started off with brunch at Oakville’s Kerr Street Cafe. We ordered the Pink Chia (for myself) and the Braised Beef Eggs Benedict. I couldn’t believe that was my first time going there. Such a cute spot and definitely a gem.

Trying to beat traffic, we quickly finished up and made our way to The Sunshine Doughnut Co. in Hamilton. These doughnuts were so fresh, fluffy and delicious and were totally worth the drive. While I could have eaten the entire shoppe, I stopped myself because #moderation.

We did a bit more Hamilton exploring (Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, Bliss Kitchen) then headed back home to Mississauga.

The Best First Ever Experience with Ford

From North York, to Toronto, to Hamilton and back home to Mississauga, my birthday weekend couldn’t have been any better. Thank you Ford Canada for providing me such an amazing experience with a fun and powerful car. From CarPlay, to built-in Wi-Fi, the Ford EcoSport had it all. This was one of the best ways to kick start a birth year with new experiences, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

The post is sponsored by Ford Canada. All opinions are my own.


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